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We ship twice a week to allow us to focus on the smaller details. Please don't email us asking when it will ship. You will receive an email when your holster ships that will include and tracking number. 


 How long will it take to get my holster?

We generally have a 3-4 week turnaround, but sometimes sooner. If you have a special order, it may take longer. 

My gun is not currently offered. Is there anything I can do?
New models are being added on a regular basis. Contact us for details. 

Do you offer any discounts?
We believe is giving back to those who serve and protect us on a daily basis. Military, Police, Fire, and EMS receive 10% discounts and verification may be requested. Please contact us and we will get take care of you.

What thickness kydex will my holster be?
All of our holsters are made from 0.08 thickness Boltaron, and this also includes our IWB gear. We believe that 0.08 is the perfect thickness that provides the best mix of durability, functionality, definition and style. 

Do you do special orders?
We love custom challenges and would love to accommodate as many as possible. We will not build EVERY idea, but we will look at every one. Please contact us and share your idea with us. 

How often should I clean my holster?
You should care for your holster just like you care for your gun. We recommend that you clean your holster once every two weeks, or after particularly dirty or dusty work. 

Will my holster wear on my guns finish? 
Here at Redeye Tactical, our guns are used as tools not show pieces. ANY holster will wear on a guns finish. Kydex has a smooth inside finish and does not make contact with the entire gun at any given time.