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About Us

Redeye Tactical is a custom kydex holster and accessory manufacturer that takes great pride in creating quality products. Founded in 2013 with the vision of providing quality kydex gear without the high price tag and long wait time. Custom Kydex holsters, magazines pouches, knife sheaths, and specialized projects are a few of the things manufactured. High emphasis is placed on quality, low wait times, and offering exceptional products. 




The company was founded by a Firefighter/Paramedic who has a passion for serving the community. We started very small,  just making holsters for a few friends and have expanded to filling many orders daily and shipping around the country. We have tried very hard to perfect our holsters and make them as simple and practical as possible. We also place a very strong emphasis on customer service, especially seeing that the majority of our orders come from word of mouth referrals. All of our holsters have one signature red eyelet on them to differentiate them from just any other holster. Many hours of trial and error have landed our products on the top of many people wish lists. That is something we are very proud of. We look forward to serving you, and thank you for visiting.